Friday, August 21, 2015

Getting 'Eyeballs' On Your Inventory

There's a reason why third-party automotive advertising sites are still thriving, despite the wishes of many dealers to go it alone and drive traffic to their own websites.  It's an old adage that says,  "Never put all of your eggs in one basket".

Dealers that wish to drive traffic to their own websites mostly rely on search engine marketing and search engine optimization along with display advertising to achieve that goal.  But doing so exclusively leaves too many consumers beyond their marketing reach.  Perhaps they've forgotten that old adage.

There's another old adage that still rings true, that "you must get eyeballs on your inventory".

Dealers still must go where the consumers are and the major advertising and classified sites get millions of visitors per month, many of whom will never visit a dealer's site. 

Most of the complaints dealers have had about the large third-party sites have been increasing costs and decreasing ROI.  This suggests the wisdom of cutting back on the investment in those sites where the cost is highest.

However classified sites such as eBay and especially Craigslist continue to be cost-effective.  Many dealers dropped their listings in Craigslist a few years ago because they began charging $5.00 per listing.  Today that cost seems small compared to some of the other sites.  Consumers continue to flock to these sites.  The "eyeballs" are there.

For dealers who feel listing on these sites is too much work or too confusing, there are innovative site experts such as LotVantage who can help.  They understand what it takes to be successful on these sites and make posting easy.  They also assist in strategy and can post a dealers vehicles in the right channels at the right time for traffic and conversion.

In the heyday of newspaper advertising, dealers used to place their ads in a variety of local newspapers.  They knew they had to reach as many "eyeballs" as possible and they knew that included multiple venues.  Today, that reach includes, not only search engines, but advertising and classified sites as well.

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