Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Move Over Pick-ups: The Tundra is On The Scene

There have been acceptable names in pick-ups trucks as long as they’ve been around.  The big name American automakers have been the top picks for trucks for most drivers, but recently Toyota has been gaining some ground in the pick-up way of life.  While Toyota’s trucks are not exactly new to the scene, they are getting a lot more popular in recent years, and providing respectable competition for the big boys that have been around for a long time.  One of the most impressive specimens for pick-up enthusiasts is the latest version of Toyota’s full-sized truck; the Tundra.

Beginning in 1999 to provide some much-needed competition for other brands, Toyota began producing the Tundra.   This was the first truck to be produced in America by a Japanese automaker, and it was a welcome addition to the options for truck drivers.  Toyota has maintained a solid reputation for building high-quality and long-lasting automobiles, so the truck was easily accepted into the lineup.  This pick-up has been built with award-winning specifications and is rugged enough to satisfy the most discerning of full-sized truck drivers, and then some.

Built in Texas, where everything is bigger, the Tundra is built with an enormous V8 engine, even in the base model.  Starting at just over $29,000, the base model is loaded with options for pick-up truck drivers that can suit their every need, making it similar in price and specs to the 2016 Tacoma.  Available in six trim levels, with variable options for each trim, Toyota packs on upgrades with every model up to the incredible TRD Pro built for full off-road capacity, but safe enough to haul the family for the day to day or for an extended road-trip.  Family-friendly but strong enough for your working needs isn’t a claim many trucks can make, even now.

The Tundra comes in at a price under that of one of the most popular American automakers, offers more horses and better torque.  All of the under the hood equipment meets the specifications of most truck enthusiasts, but when added with rugged, yet streamlined styling, this truck easily translates for both the businessman and the outdoorsman.  With options ranging from two-door models to four door extended cabs, the Tundra is made with the American motorists needs in mind.  Big enough to haul all of your outdoor equipment, or your entire family’s needs for a week-long vacation, the Tundra is a dream come true for any driver.

True to Toyota’s reputation, they’ve paid as much attention to the interior cabin as the exterior.  With comfort and class in mind, yet still remaining committed to function, they’ve managed to create an environment inside that cars that will satisfy not only the driver, but the passengers as well.  It is not typical that a truck is made for comfort as well as capability, but Toyota’s Tundra fits that bill.  There is enough room for front seat passengers to fully stretch their legs after a long day, but this stands true for backseat passengers as well, a rare find in most truck designs.

Pick-up trucks used to be stripped down in comparison to what could be found in a car, considering that they were predominately used for hauling purposes.  However, in recent years, these trucks have been jam-packed with the latest technologies, ensuring that they translate easily for the every-driver rather than just the working man.  The Tundra has the option to be equipped with Toyota’s Entune Audio System, an infotainment system that not only controls navigation, data services, rich audio sound, and Bluetooth capabilities.  A backup camera system is standard in every single model of the Tundra, making back-up a snap, even with a full bed.  Toyota didn’t skimp when it came to making this a technophile’s dream vehicle.

In keeping with their standards, Toyota also made sure all of the safety features in the Tundra were up to speed.  The brakes on the car offer top of the line stopping power, which is an important feature when considering the weight that the truck can haul.  They also offer Auto Limited-Slip differential which provides control without taking away from the power, unlike standard traction control options.  The Tundra also has specialized traction control that can take 4WD to a whole new level by controlling power flow without detracting from the throttle input.  Also featuring the Star Safety System, 8 airbags, and blind spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alerts, the Tundra is safe for every member of your family.

While Toyota may not have been synonymous with pick-ups in the past, it is now.  Toyota’s Tundra has been named Truck of the Year on more than one occasion, by Motor Trend magazine and has also been named the North American truck of the year.  More than capable of handling the business end of your home’s remodeling project and dragging all of the essentials for a week’s vacation for a family of five, the Tundra is the truck built for the every driver.

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