Tuesday, July 28, 2015

From the 4C to the Giulia

The Alfa Romeo name has been one of the many super high quality names in the world of automakers for several generations.  We have seen a string of high quality super cars from the four-leaf clover and in general Alfa has never chased down volumes of sales or offered cars that were part of mainstream driving.  That has recently changed when they unveiled their new goals and the car that will take them on in the new Giulia which is to make it in time for the middle of 2016 to be in showrooms ready to sell.

What makes the goals and style of this car so unique is the fact that Alfa wants to see over 400,000 units of this car sold by 2018.  That means and eighteen-month window in which to sell this high number of cars which may seem like a pittance to a volume company like Toyota, but compared to the 70,000 units sold of the 4C, this number would set a new record and create new heights for an automaker that has never been into volume, but has always focused instead on hand crafted quality and a huge degree of technology inside the cars.

So what is different about the Giulia that makes it an attractive volume player?  First of all this is a sedan.  Let me say it again, Alfa Romeo has created a sedan as its next great car to offer the world.  This sedan is the size of a BMW 3 Series and shows up with outstanding balance, a sporty look great character lines and a drive that will impress anyone from behind the wheel.  There will likely be a menu of turbocharged four-cylinder engines to choose from that range from 180 to 330 horsepower.  This along with all the luxury features you can imagine will make this a car many will seek, but how will the sales volume increase so much in such a short period of time?

One way the Giulia will be able to even comes close to achieving the sales volume desired is by offering the car at a price that is reasonable for most to purchase.  The Quadrifoglio will show up with a price that is under $100,000 making this a car that many executives might choose to drive who are shopping in that price range.  With this new pricing and the sedan styling, the Giulia should be able to reach the sales platform expected by Alfa.

In that Quadrifoglio model the engine will actually be a 3.0-liter V6 that makes 503 horsepower and reach sixty mph in less than four seconds.  As this will be the top of the model range for this car, there will be plenty of Guilias to be bought for less than the $100K price tag, giving Alfa Romeo even more confidence they can sell as many of these cars as they want.  This may be the new direction for this long time high power luxury sports car maker who is entering a new phase of their design and sales element.

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