Sunday, June 14, 2015

Will We See a Mercedes-Benz Pickup Truck?

What is next for you if you are Mercedes-Benz?  As one of the strongest competitors on every luxury vehicle state and a fixture in racing, there really isn’t much Mercedes-Benz hasn’t accomplished.  They offer a line of cars, SUVs and vans to the public that put many others to shame with their amazing drivability and features that are meant for the shoppers of the segment for that particular vehicle.  Heck, the work vans that are offered with the three star badge are even top notch and make the work of hauling products to and fro much easier than some of the competition.

If you noticed, the one item really missing from the list of vehicles offers is pickup trucks.  Mercedes-Benz does not offer any flat out body on frame open bed pickup trucks that are made to take on the worksite and get the job done every single day.  This may be what is next for Mercedes-Benz as announcements have already been made there will be a pickup with the three star badge on the front before the end of the decade.  This is great news for some, but for others it may be news of a very skeptical sort.
So far the target markets that are expected to receive these pickups include Australia, Europe, Latin America and South Africa.  As you can plainly see the left out markets of North America and Asia are not even included, but why?  Most likely the reason for these two markets to be left out is in Asia they already have trucks from Toyota and the American automakers, and in North America the same argument can be made but ten-fold.  North America is the largest market for pickup trucks in the world, how will Mercedes-Benz be able to compete in this market, at least initially.
It may be a wise move to avoid pickup saturated markets, at least initially.  The competition expected for this new Mercedes-Benz truck will include the Ford Ranger (which is only a foreign offering now), Toyota Hilux and Volkswagen Amarok.  Even though all three of these are really nice trucks, as long as Mercedes-Benz does it right (and history tells us they will) the truck offered with the three star badge may quickly take over these markets and show the world what a luxury pickup truck should and can be.
As for the markets that were left out of the equation, most likely after a strong success in the markets that will receive the truck first, Mercedes-Benz will test its wares in Asia and North America.  The challenge will be to offer a luxury pickup that is as feature filled as the top end from the “Big 3” in America and have a price that is in line with these trucks.  So many trucks are bought in North America strictly for work; this may be one of the toughest nuts for Mercedes-Benz to crack.  The choice may be to give us a truck with the badging that is made for work and forget the luxury that goes along with the name (probably the wrong choice) or find ways to differentiate the Mercedes-Benz trucks from the ones already offered.

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