Monday, June 22, 2015

Power Numbers for the 2016 Infiniti Q60

The new Q60 which was unveiled in concept mode at the Detroit Auto Show in January now shows us some awesome power numbers.  This new luxury coupe is one stylish, well-designed and amazing looking vehicle for anyone to admire and for you Infiniti lovers to start saving your pennies to purchase.  Of course you will need more than pennies for this beauty as it promises to be one of the most enticing new cars of 2016 and now gives us an idea of what we can expect regarding the power number of this amazing vehicle.

For the new Q60, the power will come from a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine that is attached to a seven-speed automatic transmission with steering wheel mounted paddle shifters.  Although that is a mouthful to discuss, the new Q60 promises to be an exciting choice for those looking for an awesome new luxury car to drive, one that will let the world know they have arrived.  Arrive they will too, in style and massive power, this powertrain will put out some huge numbers to keep it firmly in the game when it comes to the other luxury models in the lineup for 2016.

Instead of continually boasting, let’s see where the Q60 will end up.  This coupe comes in with two power ratings an entry level with 400 horsepower and a step up model that will offer as much as 450 ponies under the hood.  This will place it firmly in line with the BMW M4 with 425 horsepower, Cadillac ATS-V that has 455 horsepower and the Lexus RC F with its 467 horsepower.  Given these numbers, the entry level will keep up with the other entry level models and the upgraded version will have plenty of power to enjoy.

Bring in the rest of what we know Infiniti will always offer, especially when they give us a new vehicle to enjoy and you see a car that has precision handling which is nearly driving itself, a suspension that quells even the most ardent road hazards and an interior so quiet a baby could enjoy a nap during the drive.  Along with the style that we expect from Infiniti which is a car that offers a fluid movement to the look and a bit of intrigue at every angle and you now see a car that will quickly give you a great ride and excite you with power, which sounds to me like a winning combination.

As we near the time of release there has already been a slight setback for the Q60 and the release date has been pushed back to sometime in the middle of 2016 rather than at the end of 2015 as originally planned.  With this added time, we will learn more about this terrific car that is due to arrive soon, and you will have even more time to save the pennies you need in order to enjoy the next great offering from Infiniti.

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