Monday, June 29, 2015

Fit for a Family: Chevrolet Suburban

Remember the period of time when it seemed as though everything was getting smaller and smaller?  Our cell phones were tiny, shrunken versions of the previous brick sized creations we used to carry.  Crazy fad diets were emerging every two days, each offering conflicting information about how to make our waists smaller without having to work out or give up chocolate cake.  Even cars seemed to be retreating into themselves, sacrificing trunk space and leg room for cuteness and sportiness.  One car manufacturer never bought into the hype of the smaller vehicle and has steadily been producing one of the biggest SUVs on the market.

Now, in the era of the tiny house, Chevrolet is still reigning supreme with the biggest vehicle in their line of massive sports utility vehicles; the Suburban.  In a time when we’re asking ourselves if smaller is actually better, Chevy is answering with a solid negative response.  Our cell phones are one again getting bigger and are juiced up with near movie theater potential on those tiny screens, but Chevrolet has produced a vehicle for years that have always said bigger is better.  Maybe they’ve been on to something, all this time.

Originally made in 1937, the Suburban was built for the National Guard’s use.  It was made using a 1000 pound truck frame and constructed almost wholly of wood.  Since then, the Suburban has seen many changes, and drastic improvements.  Once thing, however, that has remained constant is the quality construction always provided by Chevrolet’s vehicles.  Dedicated to maintaining a certain reputation, Chevrolet hasn’t skimped on building their cars, and with the Suburban and the Tahoe it shows.

Too often, today’s SUV offerings have a couple of the things we need, but are lacking in other aspects.  The Chevrolet Suburban has everything a family needs for their daily lives, and it handles those duties in an attractive manner.  Outfitted with all of the latest technology, including keyless entry, push button start, and available wi-fi technology.  Also available on the Suburban is a retractable side step, complete with lighting to allow safe entry into a massive vehicle. 

When traveling with a family, it isn’t always easy to keep everyone satisfied and quiet.  Mom and Dad are in the front trying to keep the kids happy, the kids are in the back vying for space and dominance.  Add an extended drive into the mix, and it’s a harrowing experience for everyone involved, and by the time the trip is over, you need a vacation from your vacation.  This won’t be the case with the Suburban, as it provides enough space for up to nine people.  Add into the mix 15 different cup holders, storage-space for everything you can think of, and up to 13 different charging ports.  The charging ports alone make the Suburban worth the $50K price tag, because everyone can charge their devices and keep themselves entertained.

Having a family takes up a lot of room, and the Suburban has room to spare.  We all remember the days of attaching a rented car carrier to the roof of the family station wagon in order to travel for a week-long trip.  The Suburban features second and third row seating that are easily folded flat for better cargo transportation.  Also a major feature of the newest Suburban is the underfloor storage system that allows for easier organization of all those necessities.  A power lift gate that is programmable is also a necessary feature for grocery days.

Many would look at the Suburban and think that it may be slow moving, due to its massive size, but this is far from the case.  Equipped with 5.3L V8 engine, the Suburban sports an impressive 350 horsepower and 380 pounds of torque.  With the Suburban, you can tow the family boat or motor home with ease and get the vacationing underway without worries. 

When transporting the family, safety it the utmost concern.  The 2015 is loaded with safety features, including seven standard airbags, a specialized sensor that makes sure only the necessary airbags deploy, and impact monitors.  Optional features can ramp up the security system and the OnStar presence to further protect what you hold dear. 

Having a family isn’t always easy, and transporting them may be even more difficult.  America’s car company, Chevrolet, has eased the burden of finding the right car for your family.  When safety, space, and reliability are a top concern, you can’t go wrong with a Chevrolet Suburban.  Equal parts of each element add up to one fantastic vehicle made to fit all of your family’s needs.

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