Monday, June 8, 2015

2016 Acura ILX: New and Improved for a Better Performance

When you purchase a luxury model, you want luxury features and a top of the line driving experience.  If you are unable to feel the difference between a luxury model and mainstream one you end up feeling disappointed and wonder why you spend the extra money on a luxury model in the first place.  The Acura ILX had this problem during its last version, driving much more like its corporate cousin, the Honda Civic.  Because of this feedback Acura went back and gave it another go round to give us a car that is worthy of carrying the Acura brand.

For the 2016 model year, Acura offers us an ILX that has an updated exterior, improved interior, new and more modern technology and a quieter ride.  The quieter ride is the first thing you will notice when you take a drive in the new ILX, giving you the feeling of driving in a car that is in tune with you the driver and the road ahead, making it easy to maneuver in and out of turns without having to reduce speed significantly.  The ILX is now worthy of the Acura brand name and shows up competing well in a class with the Buick Verano, Mercedes- Benz CLA250 and Audi A3.

As the car that is one the smaller scale of the Acura lineup, the ILX is the perfect car for those who want a car that is luxury and offers a nice menu of great features, but don’t really need to drive a larger sedan.  The new ILX comes into 2016 with an upgraded 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine attached to an eight-speed automatic transmission.  Other upgrades include a stiffer chassis, sharper steering, more high-tech driver aids, a refreshed look in the front and rear and the new Acura Jewel-Eye headlights.

All ILX models will have the same powertrain, the engine and transmission already mentioned.  This set up brings in power in the amount of 201 horsepower and 180 lb.-ft. of torque giving a fuel mileage of 25 city/36 hwy.  This dual-clutch transmission operates like a manual transmission but is run by the computer rather than the driver, giving the perfect shifting in either direction.  There are steering wheel mounted paddle shifters to make the drive more engaging for those who want to shift themselves and the torque converter onboard helps to deliver the power right where you need it and makes this car one that is quick off the line.  The only drawback to this well-designed powertrain is the need for premium fuel, but with the good fuel economy this is a tradeoff you can easily live with.

Looking at the equipment aboard the ILX we find the standard features offered include a rearview camera with multiple views, automatic headlights, dual zone GPS-linked climate control, passive entry with push button starting, an eight way power driver’s seat, heated front seats, noise-abating wheels, active noise cancellation technology and Siri Eyes Free.  This all gives the ILX one of the best lists of standard features and gives you the equipment you want to have a luxury ride.

Testing new waters with the optional features, Acura offers some interesting packages on the ILX to choose from.  The AcruaWatch safety system suite is a standalone package offered on base and Premium models.  The Premium models add leather seats, blind spot warnings with cross traffic alerts, iPhone navigation connectivity, and an upgraded audio system.  The Technology Plus is the top of the line which also gets AcuraWatch but as a standard package on this model.  This top end ILX also adds an upgraded audio system has a built in navigation system and an A-Spec package that adds 18-inch wheels and sporty trim features inside and out.

Looking at the inside of the ILX gives us a beautiful and well-appointed interior.  Acura has made the most of this amazing interior to offer the equipment desired and put all controls in places where they make the most sense.  As mentioned a few times already, you will notice the quiet drive from inside the cabin of the ILX, which boasts good space and comfort.  As an entry level luxury model the ILX is one that makes it easy to enjoy the feeling of the smooth leather seats and shows off with a two-tier screen system.  The overall feeling is of luxury and upgraded style without going too far.

From the outside the ILX offers subdued look that makes you look for the cool features of the car.  There is a huge difference between this car and the Honda Civic, giving the ILX its own style that isn’t too showy, but still has an attractive and appealing look.  The front fascia comes down in a V-shape which elongates the look of the front and whit the LED accented lights in the front and back the car has obvious luxury features which include the Jewel-Eye headlights.

What does an entry level luxury sedan cost?  How about a starting price of $29,000 for the base model and then a step up to the Premium Package will only bring the price to $30,100, giving you a great car in both cases for a very reasonable price.  Heading to the top of the lineup the Technology Plus model comes in around $34,000.  Adding the AcuraWatch Plus package increases the price of any model by about $1,300 and the A-Spec package adds another $2,000 but all together there is not a single ILX model that will come in over $40,000 making an amazing statement for luxury.

For your hard earned money you get a car that is one of the most engaging drives on the road.  This new ILX is a gem to drive, looks great and offers you a feeling of excitement and upscale features when you take it out on the open road.  Having a few different driving modes helps allow you to choose how your ILX will drive so you can make the most of a pleasure cruise or create a drive that really gets your adrenaline going.

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