Sunday, May 10, 2015

When You Sponsor a Race Car…

You spend the money to have your name put on a race car and get to see it make its way around the track every Sunday in the Sprint Series of NASCAR, but what else could you do with that partnership.  If you are Kelley Blue Book or any other car review company you just might want to see if you can get the personality that handles the driving of your car to come out and review a car or two for you in order to show fans a different side of the driver and bring some more publicity to your company.

As sponsors of the one of the most popular driver’s on the NASCAR circuit, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Kelley Blue Book invited him to a Charlotte, NC location to test drive and review cars for them.  What car did they choose for the drive?  You might think they would allow such an icon to drive some high powered American sport car or muscle car such as the Chevrolet Corvette or the Dodge Challenger, but instead KBB chose to go another route, one that was completely opposite of this, and put Dale in a Chevrolet Spark.

As the good sport and generally likeable person he is, Earnhardt willingly drove the Spark, giving it a fair review and taking the car past his forest filled with wrecked cars that all have stories to tell for anyone willing to stop by and stay a spell to learn more about some of the interesting events that may have happened on a track.  Dale even took the Spark out for a drive on a go kart track, giving it a full test expected of a race car driver.

Overall, the KBB personality and Earnhardt tested out the Spark for space, quality and features and found it to be extremely pleasing.  According to Earnhardt the Spark offers plenty of room in the front and back seat although the back seat is less roomy than the front, and shows off with a nice display of motorcycle inspired gauges as well as a fantastic infotainment system that allows those inside to fully enjoy the ride with a wide array of music and apps from this system.  On the outside Earnhardt commented the Spark offers a great look with nice lines and a good design.  He mentioned more than once the car was perfect for what it is built for, which is the practicality of city driving; exactly what the car should be used for.

After giving the Spark a nine out of ten Earnhardt was allowed to drive something a bit more his speed, a Chevrolet SS which pack a huge punch and offered a massive smoke screen from the tire burn Dale put it through.  With a successful test drive of the Spark from one of the greatest personalities in NASCAR, KBB has some video gold to hand onto for years and it appears the Spark has earned the stamp of approval from Dale Earnhardt Jr. something you might not expect for one of the smallest cars on the road today.

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