Monday, May 25, 2015

The Chevrolet SS Holds Questions that Need Answering

The Chevrolet SS is currently built in Australia and is one of the most impressive sedans on the market.  This car can be the perfect spy car as it appears to be mild mannered enough to be thought of as just another sedan but one step on the gas and a throw of the gears and away you go.  The massive V8 engine roars to life, powering the rear wheels and giving you everything you could ask for from a sedan this awesome and powerful.

The one questions to be answered is whether or not this amazing car will receive a 1LE handling package like the Camaro has.  If it were to do so, the SS would be in position to take on some sports cars and win in a somewhat easy manner.  The handling GM has that could be included on the SS is one of the best on the market and would give the SS a serious leg up, but what is holding them back from filling this car with the best of everything they have to offer? (By the way, that is another question to be answered)

One of the unfortunate negatives with the SS is the limited time of production.  As much as we love this car GM has already announced they will cease production in Australia after the 2017 model year.  This will mean the end of the SS as GM works to trim back some of the cars that are not selling as well as they would like.  Unfortunately that does mean the SS would have to go as its sales have not been what was expected and even with the power included the car has only drawn a small cult-like following.  

Because the production is about to end, why would GM even consider adding the 1LE handling package to the SS?  One reason I can think of is to see what this car could do for sales.  Only a small window remains an unless GM has completely written this car off already, and this car can really benefit not only from the handling package but from some strong advertising dollars being thrown its way, the handling package can be a serious selling point for this amazing sedan that gives you not only a great commute car for everyday driving, but one that offers the exhilaration of unleashing the beast within.

The actions of GM over the next several months will tell us how they really feel about the SS.  Hopefully they like their own car enough to get behind it until the end.  It would be great to see the SS get a fighting chance at survival.  As one of the most powerful sedans on the road, a great performing vehicle, and the one and only car GM still builds in Australia the SS could just be a sleeper that needs the 1LE and some great exposure to bring about the sales GM expected from the beginning.

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