Saturday, May 23, 2015

Beast on the Outside, Beauty on the Inside

It would be hard to describe too many vehicles this way, but the one we have today certainly fits that description.  The Ram Laramie Limited is supposed to be the pinnacle of Ram trucks.  Nothing else is to come close to the power, performance and style of a truck like this, but it seems Ram designer chose this truck to not only be the badge of honor that it should be but to carry that badge in such a way the entire world would know what this massive beast of a workhorse is, at least on the outside.

Let’s start with the beast part of the truck.  The outside is covered in chrome.  There is chrome on the bumpers, on the wheels, all over the grill, on the trim around the windows, on the mirrors and of course chrome on the large RAM badge that is across the tailgate.  For years trucks went away from plastering their name across the tailgate, but its back in a full twenty inches across on this massive piece of machinery.  If that isn’t enough, the front of the truck has a grill with the name is large letters as well and a shape and style to the grill that makes you look at the name continuously.  As this big boy rides down the road you have really got no choice but to stop and stare at its behemoth size and features.

On to the interior of the Laramie which is where we find the beauty part of this truck. If you are looking for a luxury feature; it’s in here.  Just like the spaghetti sauce Ragu, “it’s in there”, this beauty has the adaptive cruise control, it features a full infotainment system, heated seats; check, you name it , this truck has it and more to give you and anyone you take along with you a comfortable and connected ride.

When Ram set out to build this truck model they stated that this truck would “set the benchmark in truck opulence” and they weren’t kidding at all.   A truck this unbelievable is so cool and looks like the perfect hauler for the project manager to drive while inspecting several job sites, although there is no doubt the employees would easily see this brute coming from several blocks away with all the chrome shining in the afternoon sunlight.

Ram claims this truck is their answer to what their customers were clamoring for and if that’s the case; well cone.  Even if that wasn’t the case, the Ram Laramie is one amazing piece of hardware that will only be at dealers for a short time.  As much as we love our trucks to be bigger and badder than the last bunch or the neighbors’, these beauties won’t last very long on the lots of any dealership.  You know this is the truck for you, especially if you have an over the top personality on the outside, but might be a little soft and sophisticated on the inside

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