Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Lost and Found

For many of the older generations owning a high powered sports car in their 20s was a symbol of freedom and the life of the open road.  As the generations have passed, many who are under the age of forty have never experienced this feeling of freedom.  Along with the freedom came the knowledge you could work on a car yourself in an age before advanced computerization and automation of every possible system.  This gave cars and the people who owned them a special bond that could only be broken by the need to sell these cars when the family starts to grow and times get tight.

Such was the fate of Gerald Ingersoll, father of Keith Ingersoll.  Keith is now a car detective hoping to one day find his father’s muscle car once again, which was Gerald’s pride and joy until the day he had to sell it.  The thought of possibly finding his father’s car has driven Keith to help many of those who have “lost” their dream machines that gave them the feeling and freedom of the open road in their younger days.  Currently Keith offers his services through his website where the desolate previous owners can post their information and share their stories.

The website reads a lot like the back of a milk carton with the exception being the cars had been sold in most cases.  Helping to make the reuniting of previous owners with their cars a possibility many users can also post when they have found a car that is on the list.  With this assistance, Keith has been able to reunite previous owners with the cars that gave them the feeling of being young, full of energy and the freedom to enjoy the open road.  He has even been able to reunite a previous owner of a 1967 Impala in which was found thousands of miles away.

This passion of his has come from the thought and hope that one day he will find his father’s car and be able to once again reunite him with the car that gave him so much joy.  He does the investigative work pro bono and works to find these cars for the visitors of his site.  Keith says the look on the faces of the previous owners when they are reunited with their cars, regardless of the condition is absolutely priceless and worth all the time and energy he puts into the search.

Keith knows his father has lived a great life and Gerald would tell you he has no regrets, but the thought of allowing his father to once again feel 27 gives Keith the drive and energy he needs to keep searching.  Because of his efforts, hundreds of owners have been reunited with their cars and over 4,000 have listed their previous cars on his site including a number of classic Chevrolet models.  As Keith keeps his search going, he is doing good work, helping reunite owners with their cars, we can certainly hope he will eventually successfully reunite his father with his muscle car of his past.

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