Friday, February 20, 2015

Plug-In Vehicles Featured at the Baltimore Auto Show

With a show full of amazing vehicles from over thirty manufacturers and the improvements of fuel cell powered vehicles the plug-ins made a huge statement.  From several different manufacturers the plug-in models shown offered a look at what will be coming around, especially when the 100 EV charging stations are completed on both coasts by BMW and Volkswagen.

The variety of electric vehicles on display started with a Chevy Volt displayed on the Chevrolet display area and continued with the THINKCity which was features amongst the various European exotics.  The Kia Soul EV had a mock charging station to offer a more interactive experience while the For Fusion Energi and C-Max Energi showed off their eco-friendly selves in the fuel-efficient section.

In the Volkswagen section the e-Golf gained a ton of attention with a Bosch Level 2 EVSE plugged into the car.  BMW offered a look at an i3 but unfortunately did not have an i8 on display.  The i3 attracted massive attention from the crowd who wanted to check out the car while the Mercedes-Benz B-Class did not receive much attention at all with it sitting on the edge of the display area. Heading over to the Cadillac show area the ELR was plugged into a matching charging station to make the car appear to be charging. 

Nissan seemed to take the cake by offering test drives of the LEAF electric cars that were brought to the show for the crowds to enjoy.  Unfortunately Toyota and Honda both did not have any electric cars on display for the crowd to enjoy and be amazed by. 

Altogether it appears electric-powered vehicles made a strong statement at the Baltimore Auto Show, especially the LEAF from Nissan.  If you are looking for a great electric car to drive because you have a shorter commute to and from work along with the time to allow the cars to charge overnight, many were on display at this show for you to view and be able to learn which ones you like and enjoy.

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