Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Highest Priced Hybrid Vehicles for 2015 (Part 2)

When shopping for a hybrid car the message a shopper is sending one of concern for the planet as well as a desire to save on fuel costs.  For many years, hybrid vehicles were small, wedge-shaped, and only useful for carrying the owner to and from the workplace.  This did not leave much room for the imagination or for an enjoyable weekend away.

Hybrids of today and tomorrow are simply another engine offering in cars and SUVs that are made to allow owners to take advantage of everything the car is built to offer them.  Here are the top five most expensive hybrid vehicles for the new model year.

Ford Fusion Energi

This is the all-electric version of the Ford Fusion which has six different power offerings.  The Energi shows up as an attractive choice in the Fusion body style that allows owners to enjoy up to 21 miles of driving on the all-electric charge but also offers a gasoline powered backup that allows the car to travel up to an additional 620 miles on a single tank of gas.  The fuel efficiency of the gas generator comes in at 44 city/41 hwy mpg and the MSRP for the Fusion Energi is $37,325.

Lexus RX

The Lexus RX is an SUV that is powered by a hybrid engine offering owners the space and flexibility of an SUV as well as the great fuel savings of a hybrid engine.  Add to this the fact the RX is a luxury vehicle and this SUV is the prescription for driving excitement and enjoyment.  The Lexus RX comes into the list allowing owners to enjoy a great deal of features and equipment that will entertain passengers and please owners.  The RX has a fuel efficiency of 30 city/28 hwy mpg and an MSPRP of $48,545 making it a great choice as a hybrid powered luxury SUV, which makes it a lot of fun for all.

Toyota Highlander

Large and popular, the Highlander from Toyota allows the company that has developed the most popular hybrid the Prius to test the waters of the SUV world with a fantastic hybrid motor under the hood.  The Highlander is an SUV that can carry plenty of passengers and cargo and when fitted with the hybrid engine offers owners a 27 city/28 hwy mpg of fuel efficiency to enjoy.  Most large SUVs can’t even come close to this number and the MSRP for the Highlander is $50,875.

Audi Q5

The Q5 from Audi offers shoppers the choice of having a high-end and well known luxury brand in their driveway and a hybrid engine under the hood.  This SUV offers owners a spacious cabin and excellent handling features that allow the driver to forget they are driving a hybrid model until they realize they don’t have to stop as often for fuel.  The Q5 shows up with a fuel efficiency of 24 city/30 hwy mpg to enjoy and take full advantage of.  The Q5 comes into the list with an MSRP of $52,825.

Porsche 918 Spyder

As the most expensive hybrid vehicle on the planet, the Porsche 918 Spyder is exactly what anyone could expect.  This car is filled with awesome Porsche engineering, offering excellent power, a great deal of performance, and amazingly a hybrid engine that has an all-electric range of 19 miles but offers massive output on the gasoline engine to allow the Spyder to actually enjoy a 22 mpg combined fuel efficiency which is excellent for a sports car.  The Porsche 918 Spyder comes in with an MSRP of $929,995 for owners who have a great deal of money to spend on a high end vehicle.

Three SUVs, one sedan, and the most powerful road-ready sports hybrid vehicle all adorn the top of this list.  By offering hybrid engines in these fantastic forms these automakers are proving once and for all that hybrid does not have to be boring, but rather can add to the extended driving excitement.

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