Thursday, January 22, 2015

2015 Land Rover Range Rover Sport: Exclusively Gorgeous

What is expected of a Land Rover SUV?  How about some wood and leather on the inside that is elegantly combined to create a cabin that is the height of luxury.  Add in a fantastic all-wheel drive system for serious off road capability and then make the SUV offer a great ride on the road that rivals the capability off road.  An SUV that has all of these features makes just about any SUV shopper salivate to own a model from Land Rover.

What has been missing from the equation normally has been great exterior styling.  Owners and fans have accepted for years the Land Rover lineup would come with great features and benefits, but not offer any style, unless you think a box on wheels is style.  The Range Rover Sport is much different with great lines and a modern SUV style that makes it the top of the line in its class which includes the Audi Q8 and BMW X5.  With the dynamic all-wheel drive included on the Range Rover Sport owners can feel confident they can handle any off road terrain even though a majority of the Range Rover Sport models will never see time off the pavement.

With performance that rivals the Porsche Cayenne and the roominess of a full size luxury SUV, the Range Rover Sport is an amazing SUV for those who are willing to pay for the best. For 2015, this SUV adds a new SVR trim which offers 550 horsepower, a recalibrated sport suspension and special trim and badge elements.  Other new features include more safety and luxury features and the InControl apps suite has become a stand-alone option to be added to any trim level.

Driving the Range Rover Sport under any conditions offers a ride that is exceptional and lets driver’s know they have chosen the best.  The drive on pavement doesn’t even allow the suspension to be challenged at all as it quells all road imperfections in a confident laughter that is begging for a more challenging terrain.  The steering is superiorly weighted to give confidence when handling highway traffic, the city streets, or when going out to the great outdoors for some adventure.  Add the final touch of a cabin that is as quiet as a mouse and the Range Rover Sport is a pleasurable SUV to ride in that is looking for some time to flex its muscles off the beaten path.

Three engines can be chosen for the Range Rover Sport and all are attached to an eight-speed automatic transmission.  The SUV can make the run from zero to sixty mph in less than 6.9 seconds when powered by the V6 engine while the top end SVR will make the leap in less than 5.0 seconds.
The base engine for the Range Rover Sport is a 3.0-liter supercharged V6 engine that shows up with a very enjoyable 340 horsepower and 332 lb.-ft. of torque.  As this is plenty of power for most owners, Land Rover predicted eighty percent of buyers will choose this power plant.  As a powertrain, this model will experience a fuel mileage of 17 city/22 hwy mpg.

The second engine is a 5.0-liter supercharged V8 that shows up with 510 horsepower and 461 lb.-ft. of torque.  As the middle engine offering, the power gives a better off road ability to come out of rougher terrain unscathed.  This powertrain shows a fuel mileage of only 14 city/19 hwy mpg.
The new SVR model is powered by the same 5.0-liter supercharged V8 that increases the horsepower to 550 and the torque to 502 lb.-ft.  As the top of the line engine and powertrain for the Range Rover Sport, there is no decrease in fuel mileage over the second engine and gives the additional power to be quick accelerating and the most powerful SUV in the lineup.

The inside of the Range Rover Sport is a modernized cabin that gives great lines and looks across each area of the interior, without appearing to be too equipment laden.  This gives the SUV a feeling of simple elegance while still having plenty of great equipment to take advantage of for any owner and their passengers.  The space inside this SUV is plentiful offering great leg room for all passengers to feel comfortable and enjoy the ride wherever the destination may be.

On the outside the Range Rover Sport offers a great deal of attractive features including excellent curves and lines that make this Land Rover offering one of the most modern appearing vehicles in the lineup.  The front offer and angle upward from the bumper to the hood and a low hood to roof angle that allows for some aerodynamics to aid in the acceleration and zero to sixty time.  The grill and headlights give the Range Rover Sport an angry look of determination as its ready show off what it can do on and off the road.  The wheels found underneath are large and generous with massive mag wheels that show strength of size and character.

The standard equipment for the Range Rover Sport SE (base model) includes the air suspension, multi-mode selectable Terrain Response system, a 60/40 split rear seat, front and rear parking sensors, and eight-inch touch screen display, Bluetooth connectivity, Sirius XM satellite radio, remote sensing locking, push button starting, infotainment voice control, two USB ports, a hard-disk navigation system and 14-way adjustable front seats.  This exhaustive list of features makes driving the Range Rover Sport a pleasure cruise no matter where the journey goes or the destination is located.

At the top of the line, fully loaded Autobiography model the features include adaptive cruise control, automatic parallel parking, advanced blind spot monitoring, traffic sign recognition, a surround view camera system, a full LCD instrument panel, a two-speed transfer case, torque vectoring and Terrain Response 2 Auto.  Some stand-alone features include the panoramic moonroof, a third row of seats and a 1700-watt 23-speaker Meridian audio system.  

As the top of the line model of Land Rover vehicles, the Range Rover Sport starts out with a base price just over $$64,000 that reaches well over $105,000 at the fully loaded and top of the line Range Rover Sport Autobiography model.  This amazing SUV gives owners everything they could ever need or want in an SUV to make every destination a pleasure cruise whether it’s the mall parking lot, soccer fields or a remote off road destination.

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