Wednesday, December 31, 2014

After Final Tally, was the Automotive Bailout Worth it?

Politically speaking, the great automotive bailout will be debated for many years. Some will call it a necessary move to save an industry that drives the American economic engine. Others will say it was so flawed and ineffective that the end results do not justify the expense. Everybody is right. Everybody is wrong.

None of it really matters in the whole scheme of things.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Buick Facts You May Not Know

Buick has been around for many years and is a staple in the American car industry. What used to be known as your grandmother’s car has been redesigned and now targets a younger market with the additional of SUV’s and sporty sedans.

With a price range that is right for a family’s budget, Buick has reinvented itself and become an option to a whole new demographic. Even with everything you think you know about Buick, here are some fun facts you may not know:

Sunday, December 21, 2014

1.2 Million Dollar Christmas Display

For those of us who got socks this year, here's something to strive for next year.

The Capable and Luxurious 2015 Land Rover Range Rover

As a longstanding performer in the luxury SUV class, many have thought of a Land Rover product as being the pinnacle of a class of vehicles that are more than just luxury SUVs but rather some of the most capable vehicles on the market.  Even though for the most part the Land Rover SUVs are never going to be driven for their true purpose or allowed to show off their high class capabilities these  vehicles are some of the most trail ready and able four-wheel drive vehicles on the market today. 

One of the most popular Land Rover SUVs for many years is the Range Rover.  This SUV offers a massive amount of performance for any owner to fully take advantage of while enjoying the comfortable and luxurious ride.  With handling and control that rivals the Porsche Cayenne the Range Rover is one of the most enjoyable rides on the market and offers a look and desire that gives this SUV and exclusive ability to outperform the competition while being the most comfortable driving vehicle on the road.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Lexus Makes the 2015 GS an 'Interesting' Offering

What makes the GS interesting?  Start with the fact this sedan offers a very coupe-like appearance making it much more aerodynamic than most sedan.  Add to this the increase from the 350 to the 450h doesn’t reduce the performance in any noticeable way giving shoppers the choice of a normal engine or hybrid one to choose from and know they will experience some great performance.  With these interesting features in place, the GS is a very energetic luxury sedan that comes in competing with some longstanding namesakes such as the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Audi A6 and Cadillac CTS.  Even in this awesome competition the GS shows up with an outstanding performance to stand above the rest in many ways.

As a luxury car that fits itself nicely between a well-behaved sport sedan and a luxury cruiser the Lexus GS offers a great deal of performance and equipment for any owner to take advantage of and fully enjoy.  For 2015 the GS offers a new multimedia system with a 12.3-inch display screen which has the ability to be split into three sections to give read outs for the audio, navigation and climate control systems.  A set of new 18-inch aluminum-alloy wheels is also available on the 2015 Lexus GS.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Small and Fun 2015 Fiat 500

Confounding the experts who said an Italian subcompact wouldn’t do well in the US, the FIAT 500 has become one of the hottest and “gotta have it “, cars on the road today.  With models that range in attraction for different crowds the FIAT 500 has made a name for itself that is showing off and creating apprehension in the competition such as the Mini Cooper and Ford Fiesta.  Across the board, the 500 comes in a wide array of colors making it very attractive to younger generations, offers a playful attitude that the back to school crowd will enjoy.  Add an Abarth engine for some performance-oriented driving for those who are looking for a really nice ride, and even offers an all-electric model that makes the environmentalists very happy.

As a practical, affordable, and very fuel efficient offering from FIAT, the 500 is small and easy to enjoy for anyone who dares to have some fun.  Added for the new model year, the Abarth engine is mated to a new transmission, all models except the base model add a new seven-inch TFT instrument cluster and Bluetooth streaming and an additional USB port have been added.  These additions help to make the 500 an even better car to own than before and make the drive more enjoyable across the board.

Monday, December 1, 2014

2015 Audi A8: The Flagship Sedan to Put Others to Shame

Executives are used to riding in high-end luxury and enjoying plush surroundings.  The Audi A8 offers a ride and comfort that makes it the flagship of the Audi line up and an enjoyment that any high level business executive would be more than happy to ride in.  Competing at the top of the luxury class with the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 7 Series and Lexus LS the A8 offers a ton of power and features that will allow anyone to enjoy the drive or enjoy being a passenger in the amazing offering from Audi.

The A8 for 2015 offers new front and rear designs, an available head-up display with night-vision, lane departure warnings and an increase in horsepower for the 4.0-liter V8 engine.  Driving the A8 is an experience that will not be matched.  For those who are not used to plush and lavish luxury the A8 will be the height of pleasure cruising for them.  Drivers can choose between Comfort, Dynamic or Automatic modes to offers driving experience that ranges from the comforts of a living room to a powerful and performance laden ride.  The suspension and steering systems are expectedly highly-engineered and ready to take on any driving conditions while allowing occupants to fully enjoy the comfort and pleasure of this luxury cruiser.