Sunday, October 26, 2014

Highest Priced Hatchbacks for 2015 (Part 2)

Hatchbacks offer a versatility for cargo, passengers, and fuel efficiency.  As vehicles that offer a smaller footprint these cars are fantastic for driving in the city or for use during the daily commute to the workplace and make a great choice for anyone to enjoy.  Hatchbacks have been around for a very long time and have developed a higher degree of technology and refinement.  At the top of the pricing of hatchbacks is found many electric models that help to reduce the overall price paid by allowing the owners to avoid fuel pumps for many miles or altogether.  These five are the highest price for 2015.

Volkswagen e-Golf – This version of the Golf is the all-electric version that shows up as a great choice for a car that has become one of the most highly regarded vehicles on the road today.  The Golf in this model gives city dwellers the opportunity to travel around town for their daily commute, out for a night, or an errand run.  The Golf has almost gained a cult following of the younger generations offering a great deal of capability for owners to enjoy.  The e-Golf shows up on this list with an MSRP of $36,265.

Kia Soul EV – The Kia Soul can be considered a small SUV or a hatchback.  As a hatchback it is one of the largest on the market and has a fantastic amount of cargo space as well as room for up to five to travel to a party or dinner easily.  The EV version is the all-electric model helping to increase the fuel efficiency to the level of 120 city/92 hwy MPGe for owners to enjoy and take full advantage of.  The Soul EV shows up with an MSRP of $36,500 for owners to take advantage of the fantastic features and benefits offered.

Audi TT – The TT is a hatchback in style, but shows off with awesome Audi luxury features and equipment making it one of the best on this list.  The TT is sporty and sleek appearing to be an understated sports car or a highly overstated hatchback.  The TT shows up as a very powerful and agile vehicle that has highly-engineered control features and an abundance of fun for anyone who chooses to drive this awesome vehicle.  The TT offers a 22 city/31 hwy mpg and an MSRP of $52,595.

Audi A7 – The Audi A7 is the larger of the hatchbacks offered from Audi and comes in as the flagship vehicle with a massive amount of luxury features and equipment making the A7 one of the highest rated and most enjoyable luxury hatchback vehicles on the market for the new model year.  The A7 is long and stylish, showing off with luxury form and is only a hatchback by having an open trunk.  This very nice car offers a fuel efficiency of 24 city/38 hwy mpg to enjoy the ride and carries an MSRP of $73,075.

Chevrolet Corvette – Similar to the Audis on the list, the Corvette is a hatchback only in the fact it does not have an enclose trunk space.  This awesome sports car offers a huge amount of nostalgia for anyone who has admired them for many years.  The Corvette has long been the standard set of American sport car engineering.  The Corvette is an amazing vehicle that many would love to drive and enjoy.  The Corvette shows up on this list with an MSRP that is $83,995 for owners who want a track ready version of the Corvette.  This gives owners the ability to have a huge amount of fun on and off the blacktop.

With five hatchbacks to top the list, the top three are luxury and sports cars that generally are not considered to be hatchbacks.  The other two hatchbacks on this part of the list are actual typical hatchbacks with a great deal of versatility and cargo configuration.  Whether it’s a luxury car, high-powered sports car, or a typical hatchback that is being looked for, it can be found on this list to own.

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