Thursday, September 25, 2014

Buick Concept Pair Bring Excitement to the Brand

Buick stands out and has for many years with its luxury stylings and performance laden ability to provide owners everything they could ever want in a car.  With a full lineup set to release in 2015, Buick has shown off with concept cars at car shows recently that give fans a look into what will come not only for the 2015 model hear, but for 2016 as well.   Here are two of those offerings to wet anyone’s appetite for great luxury and sporty vehicles.

The 2016 BuickLaCrosse Will be a Complete Redesign When Released
Coming in with Cadillac styling and Buick intelligence the subtle but smart Lacrosse sedan will be completely new offering for 2016.  Having gained a loyal following from a few years of the current model the next model of Lacrosse promises to be even better for performance, technology, style and luxury.  Offering a great size for comfort to go along with the style and luxury, the newest installment of the Lacrosse will prove to be greater than ever before.

The 2016 version of the Lacrosse is said to be offered with the power of a V6 engine as well as high class design and elegant stylings.  Whether it is meant for the daily commuter, or for a family to take a vacation, the Lacrosse will be built to truly reign as the flagship model for Buick in the 2016 model year. 

2016 Buick GrandNational and GNX Head Back into the Sports Car Arena
Offering more speed and power from a great sedan, the Grand National will return to the competitive world of sports cars in 2016.  Once releases, the 2016 version of the Grand National is planned to be one of the most head turning vehicles ever put on the road.  The engine lineup for this car is expected to come in with an inline four-cylinder turbocharged engine with 250 horsepower, a V6 with 300 horsepower and a V6 that will achieve as much as 400 horsepower to allow shoppers to decide between all the power offerings and make sure they get the right Grand National for them. 

Set to adopt the RWD platform that is found in many Alpha Romeo vehicles this Buick will offer easy control, great suspension performance, and a massive amount of style and grace to go along with all the horsepower needed to ensure the car competes and wins competitively.  The 2016 model will be poised to be priced right and offer any owner a great deal of speed, style, durability and efficiency.

With these two great models coming out in 2016 to enjoy, the next couple model years are proving to be the best the auto world has ever seen.  Car enthusiasts, casual fans, and those knowing the will need a great new car in the upcoming years have some great models to look forward to, ensuring they can all get great new vehicles to adorn their driveways and enjoy on the road.

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