Sunday, September 21, 2014

The SUV from Porsche is the Updated 2015 Macan

The Macan comes into 2015 as a new small SUV offering that is not so much the smaller version of the Cayenne but the larger version of the 911 that so many associate with Porsche name.  The simple reality is the Macan is a small crossover SUV that offers the great style and performance that has become synonymous with Porsche and gives owners the feeling of driving a car while having the space that many small crossover SUVs offer to many owners.

Two versions of the Macan will be available the Macan S that will be approximately $50,895 and the Macan Turbo that will have a price tag around $73,295.  Even though one is called turbo, they both are powered by a twin-turbocharged V6 engine.  That V6 comes in the form of a 3.0-liter engine that offers 340 horsepower and 339 lb.-ft. of torque for the S model and the 3.6-liter engine for the Turbo model that brings in a massive 400 horsepower and 406 lb.-ft. of torque.  Both engines area mated to a seven-speed PDK double-clutch automatic transmission that gives a very near instant performance regardless of the type of shifting needed.

Of course the Macan is a Porsche there is a time for the zero to sixty speeds and it comes in very impressively under five seconds which is amazing for a crossover SUV.  Add to the awesome performance of the powertrain the all-wheel drive of the Macan and this SUV offers a massive amount of control for any owners to enjoy and appreciate.  Even though the all-wheel drive begins with a heavy bias to the rear, it sends as much power as needed quickly to all four wheels for maximum control and grip.  Porsche added its own Porsche Active Suspension Management to the Macan Turbo as a standard feature that is an optional one on the S model allowing drivers to enjoy even more control and comfort in the vehicle.

The off-road feature is standard for each and every Macan allowing owners to enjoy the experience of going off road for a bit to make it to the lake for a great weekend of fun or to take a trail that the 7.8 inches of ground clearance can handle.  Even though this is the smaller sibling to the Cayenne, it is a highly capable and fully luxury SUV for anyone to enjoy.

As a high-end luxury SUV the Macan is filled with leather and brushed-aluminum that is adorned in a piano black trim and Alcantra leather seats.  The dashboard is covered in gauges and buttons to give the driver all the information they want enabling them to know how the car is performing around them.  There is plenty of room throughout the Macan for anyone to feel comfortable and enjoy the ride.

The rear cargo area is a full 17.7 cubic feet and can be expanded to as much as 53 cubic feet with the multi-configuring of the 40/20/40 split folding bench seat of the back seat.  As a sportier model versus the Cayenne, the Macan offers a great driving experience without be a bulky and difficult vehicle to maneuver on and off the road.

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