Monday, August 4, 2014

The Lexus NX 200t: An All New Luxury Crossover from Lexus

For this new model year, 2015, Lexus will unleash a new crossover SUV for all to enjoy in the version of the NX 200t.  Poised to compete in the market with the Acura RDX and BMW X3 the NX 200t should be able to take a great deal of market share competing in this class with its classic Lexus stylings and appointments.  Because Lexus has had a great deal of success with crossover SUV’s in the past with the RX 350 and ES 350 the NX 200t is expected to be another leader in the class. 

The NX 200t is expected to be released with a starting price around $39,700 and move up from there.  This is actually higher than the original expected price that was supposed to be closer to $30,000.  The simple reality is though that most luxury cars starting prices are meaningless because most luxury shoppers add amenities and features that they want to enjoy and don’t end worrying as much about price.  There are a few shoppers who will buy a Lexus at the base model, but that crowd is very few and far between and doesn’t seem to be the crowd Lexus is catering to anymore.

Lexus has a history of pricing that usually is higher than the Toyota product that is in the same class.  For this reason the pricing of the new NX 200t needs to fit between the RAV4 and the RX 350.  The Lexus vehicles have a longer warranty that includes a much higher level of service at the dealerships which warrants the higher price tag along with the luxury features that are included. 

For these reasons and the fact that a RAV4 AWD Limited comes in at $30,050 the NX 200t will be properly priced at around $10,000 more than the top end RAV 4.  With the base price of $39,700 the NX 200t offers a reasonable starting point and can add to the price with the technology package and some driver assist services that will bring it up to around $41,900.  The addition of the F-Sport package and a premium audio system the NX 200t AWD F-Sport will come in around $44,100. 

With pricing in this range the NX 200t is priced to come in under the BMW X3 and the Acura RDX with the same specifications.  In fact the price is approximately $5,000 less than the BMW.  With a release expected in late July, it will be very interesting to see what the pricing really will be for a new Lexus crossover SUV.

No matter what the pricing does come it at any owner can have a the all new Lexus NX 200t which is a beautiful vehicle which shows off with  the signature hourglass grill and HID headlights.  Add to this the very interesting body molding and sloping hood lines and curves that make the vehicle to appear very much a luxury vehicle.  The look is finished off with a very interesting shape to the spoked wheels adding to the luxury and handsome appeal of the vehicle.

Regardless of price shopper need to be ready at the end of July for the release of the Lexus NX 200t, it is going to be a great SUV from the leader in luxury SUV makers and offer owners a very exciting ride on the blacktop.

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