Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Big and Powerful 2015 Ford Super Duty

As the leader in truck sales for so many years, Ford has defined what it means to make great trucks year after year and the 2015 model year is shaping up to be much of the same.  The F250 Super Duty truck comes in as  big, bold, powerful, strong, and highly capable.  With a monstrously large towing capacity, enough space with the Crew Cab to take the entire crew to the jobsite, or the family to the lake, the truck offers performance and power that are plentiful and very enjoyable.

Offering a much more powerful engine for this year’s lineup as a response to both the Chevrolet Silverado and the Ram 1500, loyal Ford followers will love this new super powerful engine that takes care of business.  Add a stronger frame and an upgraded towing package both new for 2015 and the F250 is really ready for action.  The towing capacity has been ramped up to a full 26,500 pounds and can even be more for an owner willing to move up to the massive F450 that hauls as much as 31,200, which is enough to take care of absolutely every job out there.

Driving this massive diesel powered beast doesn’t mean anyone has to give up any form of comfort or enjoyment of the drive.  With a highly responsive steering and a superior suspension this massive monster soaks up road and worksite imperfections with ease and allows the driver and all passengers to comfortably relax in the very soft and supple seats for the ride home after a long day on the job. The cabin is also one of the quietest across all truck lineups which not usually seen in a diesel model. 

Two massive V8 engines are available for the Super Duty truck, both offering a ton of power to take care of business.  Starting with the 6.2-liter V8 that offers a strong 385 horsepower and 405 lb.-ft. of torque this truck is packed with power and easily takes on almost any job that can be thrown its way.  The engine is matched up with a six-speed automatic transmission and is offered in both two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive to allow for off road enjoyment as well as power on the streets.

If the first engine just won’t take care of the big jobs that an owner wants to throw its way, the monster of engines comes in the form of a 6.7-liter turbocharged diesel V8 engine that has 440 horsepower and a huge 860 lb.-ft. of torque.  This power plant can really take care of business and bring the job and crew to the site.  Paired up with the same six-speed automatic transmission, this beast is offered in both two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive as well to take even more stuff to the campsite, lake, or jobsite.

The Super Duty cabin offers a very wide variety of configurations.  Because it spans several model and trim levels the cabin can be very dialed down and basic for those who need to be more budget conscious while still getting the job done, or it can be an absolute luxury with all the trimmings imaginable for the comfort seekers who also need a ton of towing and working power.  A regular cab offers only room for up to three people while the crew and super cab options offer room for up to six, enough to build a house or have a great time in the outdoors.  At the lower ends a very durable and easy to clean vinyl is offered while the top trim levels will be adorned in soft and supple leather for comfort and enjoyment.

On the outside the Super Duty lineup shows off with nothing short of massive brawn.  With a monstrous front grill that is clad in gorgeous chrome and huge headlights that sit on either side of this grill, the front of the truck is imposing and impressive at the same time.  The sides are high and straight and the cabin area is large to allow for the most amount of space inside.  The rear is also very large with  a high lift to the tailgate and beds are available in 6 ¾ foot and eight-foot sizes.  The impressive profile of this truck is finished off with huge mag-inspired wheels that help carry the loads wherever they need to go.

The standard equipment offered for the Super Duty lineup includes vinyl seats, air conditioning and a two-speaker radio for the base XL models.  All models offer trailer sway control and roll stability control.  The higher trim levels bring standard features that add heated and cooled seats, a navigation system, and an upgraded audio system to enjoy.  Even the base models are great trucks to drive, but almost every owner is going to want some optional features to add to the mix.

The optional features for the Super Duty trucks include the larger 6.7-liter diesel V8 engine, a heavy duty towing package on F350 models, and a Live Drive Power Takeoff to operate auxiliary equipment such as snowplows, truck lifts or a cement mixer that is available for the F350 and F450 Super Duty models.  Other optional features are trim level based which is a seriously wide range when going from the F250 base model all the way up to the F450 Platinum that offers a ton of luxury accoutrements to enjoy.

Because the Super Duty name spans such a large spectrum of bed and cab sizes as well as trim levels the price range for this lineup of trucks is greater than almost any other vehicle on the market. Starting out with the two-wheel drive F250 XL with the shortest bed and regular cab the price comes in around $33,000 and moves up to as much as $57,000 when entering the Platinum F250 Crew Cab with the long bed.  The F350 and F450 come in even higher with the F450 in Platinum can end up around $70,000.  To add the diesel engine to the F250 or F350 the price increases $8,000 but all in all, every truck in this lineup is purpose built and very easy to enjoy especially for the necessary capability of hauling and towing.

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