Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Sneak Peak into the 2015 Subaru Outback; The Leader for Off Road Cars

Coming in all new for 2015, the Subaru Outback offers a lot of the same with just a bit of the different.  Recently unveiled in Redmond, Oregon, where Outback spotting was plentiful, the Outback offers a lot of the same do it all and go anywhere functionality that its reputation is built on.   
With many of the same offerings such as size and engines, the new Outback has been reengineered to offer a much more capable and comfortable ride on and off the road.

Taking style and function cues from the Legacy, the Outback includes such interesting and useful features as round fog lights, lower body cladding, a stiffer body, roof crossbars that pivot into the roof rails, and lower grill shutters.  All included to help increase fuel efficiency, add design elements, and make for a much more enjoyable ride.

There are two engines that will be offered for the new Outback, a four-cylinder engine that has 175 horsepower and a six-cylinder that comes in with 256 horsepower.  Both are offered matched up with a continuously variable transmission and the four-cylinder can reach fuel efficiency as high as 33 mpg on the highway.  For those who enjoy the option, paddle shifters are in place on the steering wheel to offer the feel of a manually shifted vehicle.

As a long time standard feature, the all-wheel drive and 8.7-inches of ground clearance are made even more capable by the incorporation of X-Mode.  The X-Mode is built to help maximize traction at low speeds by controlling the engine output and using the brakes and all-wheel drive system to prevent wheel spin.  This allows the Outback to go even deeper off road than ever before with much more confidence and capability.  The X-Mode kicks in a hill-decent program when needed to help control the slow crawl down a steep grade without the driver ever having to touch the brakes.  To make things even better out in the wilderness, the Active Torque Control sends engine power where needed to help improve traction at higher speeds.

Other features that are going to be more available than ever before are the Eye Sight collision avoidance system and the active cruise control.  The Eye Sight system is meant to detect a potential collision and bring the car to a screeching halt once the detection system has kicked in. 

The Outback 2.5i with the four-cylinder engine is supposed to start at a very affordable price around $25,700 and the Premium model that adds the all-weather package, power seats, automatic climate control and seven-inch screen will come in around $27,850.  Moving up to the Limited model that adds leather upholstery and a host of other features to enjoy will be priced near $31,000.  To have the six-cylinder Outback 3.6 Limited, the prices will start just below $34,000.

No matter what price point or Outback that is chosen, this car proves to head into the new model year as a continuous leader in the crossover, off road car category.  With an already loyal following, the addition of new comfort features for 2015 should help the Outback grow an even larger fan base in the new model year.

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