Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Volvo V60: Making Wagons Cool Again

When was the last time you thought of a wagon as cool?  When you hear station wagon do images of Chevy Chase in the National Lampoon’s movies come to mind?  With the new 2015 Volvo V60 wagon, your view of wagons will be changed forever.

The V60 in appearance alone has a stylish and sleek design with great lines in all the right places and hasn’t been rounded out by designers like many of the newer American models.  Unlike its older brothers, the V60 is not boxy in its style; appearing to be a car anyone would be proud to drive.

Under the hood, Volvo engineers have outdone themselves by giving us noting but four cylinder engines to work with.  At this point you must be thinking Volvo gave away a ton of power just to give us some fuel economy, but not so.  The Vovlo V60 captures an outstanding 37 miles per gallon without giving up any of the power we are used to.

Using a new technology called Drive-E, Volvo is able to replace the older five and six cylinder engines with their new four cylinder T5 and T6 models.  The Drive-E technology pushes more air through combustion giving the power needed to match the five and six cylinder engines of previous models. This power is accomplished with use of a turbocharger in the T5 and supercharger in the T6.

If somehow the look and added fuel efficiency while keeping the power up are not enough for you, the Volvo V60 has so many bells and whistles inside to make the Geek Squad at Best Buy go nuts.  The V60 is packed with cameras to read a variety of driving conditions helping with the safety of the driver and passenger.  These cameras can detect if the car is drifting lanes, gives feedback by reading speed limit signs, and detects other drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians aiding in overall safety.

As if that weren’t enough, the V60 offers 100,000 radio channels with the Tune-In internet radio and a Cloud based Sensus Navigation System to help find your way.  At night you won’t have to worry about the drivers coming your way, the V60 will do it for you with its Active High Beams, adjusting to keep from blinding other drivers while providing you the best visibility possible.

No matter what your desire for a car is, the Volvo V60 has something for everyone, but that’s not the point here is it?  The point is, with its sleek design, powerful yet fuel efficient engine, great storage that comes with any wagon, and all the bells and whistles anyone could want the Volvo V60 has truly taken the wagon from the boxy dinosaur to a new and stylish cool car.

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