Friday, March 28, 2014

Volvo Gets Fancy with Inscription Package

Volvo has been trying to reinvent itself over the last couple of years. It's had an identity problem - not quite a full luxury manufacturer but more than just a standard car maker. This push has yielded some impressive advances, but the most recent one is actually pretty darn simple.

They're adding an "Inscription" package to their upcoming 2015 XC60 and S80 models. This means things that we're all familiar with in luxury cars such as leather seats, premium wood grain, and nifty floor mats.

The challenge is that even non-luxury brands have these. Volvo hopes that the difference will be in the details. They will have to prove it by making it much higher quality than what others are offering. It has to be noticeable.

"The Inscription package offers consumers a complete luxury upgrade of the interior," said Anders H. Gustavsson, vice president of VLM Special Products at Volvo Car Group. "It is perfectly in line with our aim to move Volvo towards a more premium brand position."

If consumers can see (and feel) a real difference that will compel them to step up, this will turn out to be a good move. If it's the same type of interior that anyone can get in a Nissan Altima, then the effort will be wasted.

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