Monday, March 31, 2014

Toyota Corolla: Common Name, but What’s New?

One of the best selling cars across the US for years, the Toyota Corolla has been seen all over the country performing many functions needed to help make life in America move.   With such a long run on one name, having been around since 1966 in Japan and introduced to the US population in 1968 as a small, fuel efficient car with an affordable price tag.

Building a reputation of durability, Corollas were outlasting many of its competitors for a very long time and still claim the title of durability with a resale value rivaled only by Honda Accords.  The 2014 version of this long standing, Japanese built, American favorite.  With the main concern for America car buyers the Corolla still brings a great fuel economy to the table enticing the US population to buy them up quickly.

According to US News, the 2014 Toyota Corolla ranks 15 out of 40 affordable small cars based on their test drives and consumer reviews as well as safety and reliability.  With a sportier look, the Corolla still shows off with what auto owners want out of their small vehicles, simplicity and dependability.

The Corolla can be purchase with either a 6-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission on a four-cylinder engine.  The automatic version come in the fuel mileage race with a stout 27 city/36 hwy mpg but can reach up to 29 city/38 hwy with a continuously variable transmission.  The Corolla is still great for what it has long been built for, a great commuter car for the busy professional or activity driven soccer mom.

Built with the driver in mind, the controls inside are very accessible and easily located without taking the eyes from the road ahead.  Keeping a modest price tag, the Corolla does not overdue the interior with supple leather or multi-color cloth, add-ons that only add to the price and really are not necessary for the functional design of the car.

Even though the Corolla is as standard as they get, there are still some great standard features to add to the creature comfort of the car.  Equipped with Bluetooth, a USB port, auxiliary audio jack and steering wheel mounted audio controls allow the drive to be more pleasurable with the driver’s own selection of sounds.  Add to this a backup camera, cruise control, keyless entry and a moon roof, which are all optional and the Corolla transforms from a plain and standard car to a great driving experience.  

Plenty of legroom is offered in the Corolla even for taller passengers who are required to ride in the backseat, as the legroom has been increase by a whopping 5.1 inches.  Four different trim models are available for the 2014 Corolla, the L, LE, LE Eco and S.  

No doubt Toyota stuck to their guns with the Corolla, giving the American public exactly what is has gotten used to from the Corolla with a bit more standard features than ever before.  The 2014 Toyota Corolla proves to be another great entry in the long line of durable and reliable Toyotas on the road.

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