Friday, February 28, 2014

The Honda Insight is Dead

It was a good idea while it lasted, but the hopes of Honda to have a valid competitor for the Toyota Prius will have to come in another form other than the Honda Insight. They have decided to end production.

That isn't really that surprising considering that they didn't put the effort into highlighting it in the segment. They have always had a strong focus on gas economy but Toyota really put true effort into promoting the Prius as a primary component of their offering while the Insight was an afterthought for Honda.

According to Bloomberg:

Honda informed dealers in November that the current generation of the Insight will be discontinued this month and asked them to stop taking orders, Yuka Abe, a Tokyo-based spokeswoman for the carmaker, said by phone today. Nothing has been decided whether there will be a future Insight, she said. 

Read More: Bloomberg

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